Legalization Services
VFS provides the facility for acceptance of documents like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate, Affidavits, Ration Cards, etc., for Legalization (also known as “Conformity of Translation”) by Consulate General of Italy, Mumbai.

Note: Regarding Legalization of Commercial Documents (conformity of translation or attestation of signature) the applicants should visit the Consulate General of Italy, Mumbai directly.
For Educational Documents, the applicants should contact the Consulate General of Italy, Mumbai for guidance over the process of legalization before submitting the documents.
Kindly visit the link or contact details of Consulate General of Italy. In case of email communication, please ensure to attach the scanned copy of documents.

Kindly be informed, with effect from 01 November 2018 , students applying for Declaration of Value (DOV) are required to sign the declaration on the protection of personal data related to issuance of their DOV. Click here

Important Points regarding Original documents:
  The date of issuance of each certificate must be printed within the text of the certificate. In exceptional cases the hand written issuance dates will be accepted if they are clear, legible and complete in all respect. If the date of issuance doesn’t conform to the above rules it will not be valid for acceptance. Particularly, a marriage certificate issued without an issuance date will also not be accepted.
  The PCC should be issued on the official letter head containing the logo and the address of the office of the Superintendent of Police or Senior Superintendent of Police. The validity of the PCC follows the same rules as that of certificates mentioned under A. However, in addition, it would only be accepted if the date of issuance is printed as a part of the text.
  The attestation of Affidavit undergoes different evaluation criteria depending on its content. The Consulate General of Italy will accept Affidavits only in the form of self-declarations having appropriate authentications by the designated Indian Authorities and the Apostille by the Indian MEA.
  Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates: According to the Italian Law, certificates have validity of 6 months from their date of issuance. And they should have appropriate authentications by the designated Indian Authorities and the Appostille issued by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.
  Consulate General of Italy reserve the right to verify any public document presented to them.

Prior to the Legalization by Embassy of Italy, below mentioned steps must be followed for documents issued by Indian Authorities.

Step 1: Translation of documents in English, in case they are in regional language.
Step 2: Obtain Apostille from Indian Government’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on both original and English translation. For assistance in obtaining MEA Apostille, applicants can contact VFS MEA Attestation Department. For further details, kindly follow the link

Note: The Apostille from MEA should not have any stamp reading “The Ministry of External Affairs accepts no responsibility for the contents of the above documents” or with any similar text.
Step 3: Obtain Italian translation of Apostilled document. Kindly visit ITALIAN TRANSLATOR section of this website for list of translators.
Step 4: Submit the Original Document, English translation and Italian Translation, passport copy of applicant,acceptance letter from the Italian University, covering letter from applicant and 2 sets of photocopies of the aforementioned documents at VFS office for Attestation by Consulate General of Italy. The Consulate General of Italy shall attest the Italian translation.


Type of Legalization In Indian Rupees
Conformity of translation from English to Italian (per page) INR 1050
Photocopy Legalization (Italian) True Copy INR 810
Translation Fees from English to Italian (per Document) INR 1200
Paid DOV (art. 66 n ) 3290


In addition to the Legalization Fees, applicant requires to pay the VFS Service Charge (inclusive of all taxes), of INR 140.

In addition to the Translation Fees, applicant requires to pay the VFS Service Charge (inclusive of all taxes), of INR 150.

Note:Legalization and Translation fee and VFS service charges shall be paid in cash only and are not refunded if your application for legalization is refused by the Consulate General of Italy, or if you withdraw you application while it is under processing at the Consulate General of Italy, Mumbai.