Short Term Visas- Schengen "C'" Type
Important Notice

Approved list of Indian Travel Insurance Companies of the consular posts of Schengen States
Providing travel medical insurances for Schengen visa procedure
effective of 15 June 2017

Please note that the travel insurance  has to be minimum 10 days if your duration of trip is less than 10 days. Further if the duration is more than 10 days then need to purchase travel insurance covering the entire duration of stay in the Schengen area.

Please click here for the updated Travel Insurance List which is applicable with effect from 12 July 2018

Visa applicants are advised to note that starting from 15 June 2017 travel medical insurances issued by Indian insurance companies other than the ones listed above will not be accepted for Schengen visa procedure.
However, visa applicants may seek to obtain insurance from Italy only where claims against the insurance company would be recoverable in a Schengen State.

Short Stay visa
entitles an applicant, who does not hold a residence permit, to stay in Italy for an uninterrupted period or a total of successive periods of stays that does not exceed 90 days in every six months since the date of first entry. Italy is one of the 25 European countries forming the Schengen Area which have no border controls between them.

In case of transit visas, the duration is authorized in accordance with the period of stay required for the transit.

After scrutinizing the visa application by Embassy, your application may have the following

  Visa applied for is granted.
  Further documentation is requested.
  Applicant is requested to appear for a personal interview.
  The application is rejected.

Short stay visas are processed in Kolkata by:

Consulate General of Italy, Kolkata
5G New Road
Kolkata 700 027

Short stay visa applications cannot be submitted more than 90 days in advance before the proposed date of travel.
However, they must be submitted at least 15 calendar days prior to the proposed date of travel. VFS Global is the outsourcing office responsible for the reception and release of passports for short stay visa applications.