Visa Application Process
Persons wishing to apply for a visa should carefully read the visa requirements. The instructions given on this website are to help you prepare your documents in the best way possible. This will reduce the risk that the application is incomplete and take longer to process. Click on the process map below to read the description and understand each process step in detail.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to file their application at least 15 working days prior to the date of departure and not more than 90 days before departure. This will allow an orderly examination of the applications and limit the chances for delay in decisions on visa applications.

Timings for reporting back – All applicants who need to report back to Italian Embassy upon arrival in India may do so on Tuesday and Thursday between 15:00 to 16:00.

All Applicants who submitted their visa applications at the Embassy Counter and are required to submit further documents may submit them on Tuesday and Thursday between 15:00 to 16:00 Prior Appointment is mandatory.

Step 1
Check if you need a Visa

Applicants should use the web-tool to determine their appropriate visa and the respective requirements.

Step 2
Choose your visa type

Refer All about Visas webpage of this website
Ensure you choose the correct visa type as per your purpose of visit.

Step 3
Prepare your application

Complete your visa application form
You should submit one visa application form for each individual applying for a visa, including children. Please download a copy of the visa application form from this website.
Prepare your documents
First, check the current validity of your passport. The period of validity of a passport must be at least 3 months longer than that of the visa. The passport shall have been issued within the previous 10 years.

Second, make sure your passport has minimum 2 blank Visa pages.
Arrange one color photograph as per the photograph specifications per applicant.
Know what documents you need to submit along with your visa application. Refer All about visa webpage of this website for more information on the required documents. Kindly note information mentioned in required document section of this website is not exhaustive.
Ensure you submit documents in Italian, if required. Documents which are not in Italian must be translated into Italian. Translation should be completed from certified translator.

Step 4
Schedule an appointment

It is mandatory to take appointment with visa application Centre to submit your visa application for all categories.
Modes available to book an appointment with Visa application centres

Online: Follow the link to schedule an appointment for Short Term – Schengen “C” Type
Call Centre: Telephone the call Centre to book an appointment for Short Term – Schengen “C” Type and Long Term – Schengen “D” type.
You must book an appointment for each applicant
You must take print out of interview letter after completing appointment scheduling online. It is mandatory to present it when you reach the Visa Application Centre
For “D” Type visa requiring Nulla Osta, the appointment shall only be given if the Nulla Osta is valid as per Embassy of Italy records.

Step 5
Visit the Visa Application Centre

Read security regulation of the visa application Centre
You must carry the following documents: Original Valid passport, duly filled and signed application form, one color photograph and all other supporting documents as mentioned in respective visa application checklist.
You will have to undergo with a brief security check before a token is issued.
For submission of visa application you will be called at the submission counters as per your token number. Staff will check the completeness of application and capture your application information in the system. An acknowledgement receipt will be issued for submission of visa application and payment of visa fees.

Step 6
Post submission process

You can track your visa application by using the following options
   Online tracking
   Telephone to call centre

Step 7
Collection of Passports

The Embassy of Italy has implemented a change in arrangement for the collection of passport(s) from VFS Visa Application Centre. With effect from 01 August 2015, third party collection of the documents or passports will not be permitted, except in the following cases:
Immediate Family Member (i.e. Parents, Children, Siblings)
One member of a group collecting for the entire group
A person collecting on behalf of Govt. officials if authorized on the Govt. letter head or department
Representative of a company - Authorization letter on the letter head of the company and the official ID card

If any of the above comes for passport collection they need to carry the following documents
Photocopy of Govt. ID card
Original ICR
Authorization Letter from applicant

Applicants who do not wish to collect their documents in person and whose documents cannot be collected by one of the above should select delivery mode as courier at the time of submission.

The applicants are requested to mention the complete delivery address on the covering letter. In case no specific address is mentioned on the covering letter, the passport will be sent to the address mentioned on the Visa Application Form.
This procedural change is to ensure the safe and secure return of documents to applicants.